Weluvducsoha is a religion, one co-founded by me, high cleve-molestor zoel, and high cleve-molestor Betty.

The ultimate goal of our religion is to
1) avoid being reincarnated as a bug
2) take a nap
3) Conquer the world
4) Retake Jerusalem

Of course all religious organizations need a way to exploit the masses so we have taken up selling the droppings of he-who-shall-not-be-named-but-happens-to-be-a-city-in-Illinois.

He by the way is our god...

He has a name, but we can't say it.

That's why we call him he-who-shall-not-be-named-but-happens-to-be-a-city-in-Illinois.

Along with an almost all-powerful God, our religion also has a very powerful religious Hierarchy.

Plus, we also have a bunch of religious texts and dogmatic laws.

Currently Weluvducsoha is fighting a sparadic war against the well established heretical sect, THE PEOPLE WHO LIKE PIE. PIE is a fiendishly evil group that is both threatened by and uses evil gnomes for their own nefarious ends, and they inisist that she-who-shall-not-be-named-but-happens-to-be-a-city-in-Illinois is infact he-who-shall-not-be-named-but-happens-to-be-a-city-in-Illinois, and that the true name of our great duck diety is ______ and not _________!
Oh, yeah, you still can't know the name, so I guess that doesn't help much in exposing PIEist blasphemy...
Speaking of such, Weluvducsoha has numerous sects, some more eccentric than others, including the aforementioned THE PEOPLE WHO LIKE PIE.

Also, we have taken up calling people names and established the orders of the "ultimalte good people" and the "ultimate evil people." To learn more about good v evil, click here.

Our Mission

Remember, weluvducsoha...

Becoming a Member

To become a cleve-person you must do one thing, want to become a cleve-person.

Upon joining Weluvducsoha, you become a cleve-person. Above the ordinary Cleve-people are the other members of the religious hierarchy.

To learn more about the religious hierarchy, and the qualifications for advancing up it, visit the religious hierarchy page.

To find out about current members of Weluvducsoha, visit our members page.

To become a member, visit the become a member page.

To read comments by members of Weluvducsoha, go to The Board.

The Weduc

Organization News

Thinking about joining our religion? Come to our upcoming religious meeting, a cleve-union. Date, time and location to be announced and postponed...

The Order of the Weluvducsomonks

The order of the Weluvducsomonks is a society within the members of Weluvducsoha. In order to draw closer to HWSNBNBHTBACII, the Weluvducsomonks have taken up living under a strict set of codes, the primary of which is that they wear cool robes which should ideally be yellow.

Weluvducsoha Now Has Dieties!

In an attempt to further perpetuate and create more of the same, Weluvducsoha has come to acknowledge the amazing and overwhelming value of deifying certain people.
Dieties Page

Places of Worship

All members of Weluvducsoha are expected to make a pilgrimage to one of our places of worship at least once in their lifetimes. Fortunately, this isn't much of a burden since they are rather common throughout the world.

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