Religious hierarchy

Weluvducsoha is organized into classes forming a rudimentary religious hierarchy.
This religious hierarchy is, unlike that of many other caste systems, extremly fluid allowing any sufficiently motivated individual to rise, even to the highest post.
Now, of course, since there can only be one person on top, there will never be more then one person on the top of the pyramid, but we have ways of dealing with that...
Putting it simply, the top position is occupied at different times by different individuals.

A brief overview of the castes

The cleve-people

At the base of the pyramid lie the cleve-persons(CP),
the ordinary lay members of weluvducsoha.

The Cleve-Molestors*

Above the ordinary cleve people are the cleve-moestors(CM).
They form the first of the three classes of the religious leaders.
Of course if you really aspire to become a cleve-molestor, then you probably have no life...
But! The only qualification to be a cleve-molestor is to convert one person to weluvducsoha.
you are a loserr
Powers of the Cleve-molestors and higher orders in the hierarchy:

The High Cleve-Molestors*

Above the cleve-molestors are the high cleve-molestors(HCMs).
They are, logically, higher in every way then the cleve molestors.
why are you still reading? moron.
Because of the high status of the high cleve-molestors,
The qualification to become one is pretty high as well.
Actually, all you have to do is prove you have done something significant for the religion.
Good examples include: The only extremely special privilage endowed to the HCMs is that they are allowed to say the name of he-who-shall-not-be-named-but-happens-to-be-a-city-in-Illinos.

the molestor* of the high cleve

At the top of the pyramid is the molestor of the high cleve(MOHC).
The molestor of the high cleve is the highest person in our religious order, the equivilent of the catholic pope.
Of course, there is only one molestor of the high cleve (at one time).
Currently the only requirement for being the MOHC is to want to be him and to convince the previous MOHC that he should step down so you can step up.
Oh, and we have to like you...
...and it helps if you are already a high cleve-molestor.
The MOHC is not only endowed with certain privilages, but also with certain responsibilities.
The most importaint responsibility of the MOHC is to interceed to He-who-shall-not-be-named-but-happens-to-be-a-city-in-illinois on behalf of the ordinarly cleve-people, not that they can't interceed for themselves.
Privilages include:

That, in brief, is our religious heirarchy....
Thus having finished my expose on the hierarchs, I am now able to bring this page to an end. But there's one more thing that I have to do. I have to defend our use of the word 'molestor' to describe our religious leaders. If you had been so kind as to click on the little astrix --> * next to the titles of our leaders, you would have recieved the following alert:

The term Molestor has a little to do with the scandle in the Catholic Church, But more to do with the fact that most of our clergy are annoying.
Let me expound on that. On the day of the revelation, CP Betty and I were working out the order for the church which HWSNBNBHTBACII had ordained to us. At that time, the term 'molestor' was given to us by him to describe our clergy. Initially, we thought, as do many, that this was a disparge on the Catholic Church. Later, however, it was given to me by devine revelation that the word 'molestor'has nothing to do with improper behavior, merely annoying behavior. This is more closely related to the origin of the word.

[Middle English molesten, from Old French molester, from Latin molestre, from molestus, troublesome.]

Thus, it was learned that 'molestor'is a (accurate) description of the annoying tendecies of most (if not all) of our clergy.
Thus sayith HCM ZOEl, Thus sayith HWSNBNBHTBACII

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