The Weluvducsomonks!

It is said that the once great Cleve-Person Sidharrata Gautama was once the wealthy son of a great warrior family. Rather then follow in his father's footsteps, however, and ultimately become a Universal Monarch, he chose to go into retirement and thus became Buddha, great servent of the duc. Now a lot of other things have been attributed to Sidharrata over the years as well, and nowadays people don't even remember that he was a Cleve-Person. We don't care about that. The point is that he thought becoming a monk was a very profitable thing to do, both in terms of religious merit and in the possiblily of going door to door and getting free food.

Well anyways, certain members of the modern Weluvducsoha have also stirved to become monks, although barring many of the unneeded and foolish laws modern monks who pretend to follow after Cleve Buddha now follow. Thier reasons for doing so are many and diverse and consequently stem from a number of differnent sources. Some wish to become closer to (S)HWMNBNBHTBACII. Some wish to become farther from (S)HWMNBNBHTBACII. Some just want to wear cool yellow robes and beg for alms occasionally. Now it has come about through the desires of these people that the order of the Weluvducsomonks was formed.

In general, the Weluvducsomonks [wemonks for short] are a decent group of people. From time immemoral they have aligned themselves alongside mainstream Weluvducsoha and for thus are to be merited. They are to be merited more so for directly opposing THE PEOPLE WHO LIKE PIE. In fact, among the Weluvducsomonks are the greatest and most memorable of those who have fought against the very evil and trecherousness of pie. In accordance with thier general dislike of THE PEOPLE WHO LIKE PIE, the Weluvducsomonks have developled various tortures for those who fall to this infidelious sect of misbelief.

Perhaps of just as much importance as the Weluvducsomonks' ongoing crusade against THE PEOPLE WHO LIKE PIE is thier strict devotion to duty. In order to more thoroughly fufill thier vows, the Weluvducsomonks have developed thier own set of dogmatic laws even more eccentric and confusing then those of mainstream Weluvducsoha. Contained within are provisions for the proper use of sporks, kindness to animals, and a general freindlyness towards the number fourty-two. Also included is a general clause encouraging monks not to feel compelled to obey the dogmatic laws, but only to do so if it is what they desire.

Foremost among the current Wemonks is Betty. He is their leader, and also the only co-founder in their ranks[even though Zoel invented the wemonks]. Furthermore, he has taken the initiative to create an evil order of cannibalistic Koalas amongst other things. This and other items of interest are avalible on Http:// Enter this portal of strange and unusual wemonk theology if you dare!

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