Sects of Weluvducsoha

Current Sects of Weluvducsoha include:
A nutty little sect obsessed with the creation of the universe. Oddly, the formost text by its founder, Ionix, is a holy text of Weluvducsoha. Except that Ionix never actualy wrote it...
Current Ianists include:
Indisputably the most heretical sect of them all, THE PEOPLE WHO LIKE PIE is a highly divergent sect of Weluvducsoha formed by the abberant CM BC. Currently, it is highly contested amoung the religious hierarchs of Weluvducsoha primarily for its insistance that HCM Betty is a gnome.
Current members of THE PEOPLE WHO LIKE PIE include: Of interest, all members of THE PEOPLE WHO LIKE PIE currently stand condemned by mainstream Weluvducsoha. As made known by devine revelation to HCM Zoel, all PEOPLE WHO LIKE PIE are condemned to the realm of eternal disco [but no pie].
The Rocker Sect
Created by Ionix... or in his own words
I now create the new sect,. The Rocker Sect! This is for any bad-(explicatives) who don't really care about Weluvducsoha but do know Rock like Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd is the most awesome music in the world.
Clearly a highly messed up sect, but not as terribly divergent, at least, as THE PEOPLE WHO LIKE PIE
Nonetheless, all members of the Rocker sect stand condemned to the realm of eternal country music. Originally only recognized by THE PEOPLE WHO LIKE PIE, it was given bona-fida status as a realm of eternal suffering as one of the first acts of MOHC GirlInPower.
Current Rockers include:
JerODism is the sect actually created by BC, but which JerOD is the controller of. JerODism, being tailor-made for JerOD, is obviously a messed up sect and perhaps is the only other sect to be about as annoying as THE PEOPLE WHO LIKE PIE.
Current JerODists include:
Frenzied She Camel Sect
For whatever reason, upon her promotion to MOHC in fall 2003, TheGirl demanded her own sect. We're not entirely sure what's its tenets even are, but probably have something to do with simply complaining about everything and the rest of Weluvducsoha in particular. Oh, and something about a Golden Dromedary...
Current members of the Frenzied She Camel Sect include:
Seeing himself in an enlarged stature, Mini (yes, for that is his true name) has repeatedly demanded ever since he joined that he be afforded a sect of his own. Finally in January of 2006 Zoel concedded in allowing this hence Miniism was born. It should be noted, however, that this sect was, obviously, founded by Mini. Therefore whatever follows comes straight from the mouth of Mini... You get the picture.
Current Miniists include:

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