Good and Evil

The world in which we live is not merely one of greys, it is a world of black and white, one of good and evil. Actually, that's a myth that has been carefully constructed so that we can say that we're better then the "evil" people. Nonetheless, it is a profitable myth, and one that we at Weluvducsoha will suffer to pass on.

Good and evil, as it would seem, are a very profitable gift for converting people. It is only neccesary that we antagonize people who everyone dislikes anyway. Thus, the following doctrine has been birthed:

According to devine revelation from HWSNBNBHTBACII, I HCM Zoel have discovered that there exist certain thing which are ultimatly good and certain things that are ultimatly evil. Many of these things are people. In truth, along with average people, there exist certain people who are utimatly good and certain people who are ultimatly evil. Those who are ultimatly good shall be know as such and those who are ultimatly evil shall be recognized as well.
Visions from HWSNBNBHTBACII 12.5:3.14
Thus, through devine revelation HCM Zoel realized that some people are ultimatly good(UG), and some are ultimatly evil(UE). The only quesion was "who are these people?"
After some research and consideration, the following people have been identified:

UG Noj Blankey
Noj is cool, just ask anyone. As a result he must be ultimatly good as well.
UE Goat Man
Also know as Azule Blood thirst, Garet Jax, and Adam D----, Goat man is someone who (in the opinons of many) really deserves to be disliked. So long as everyone dislikes him anyways, we figured that we could gain a lot of converts by making Weluvducsoha a "We hate goatman" clik.
UG Stogie
Stogie is an ultimate good person because, as he maintains in drivers-ed, nobody bothers him and he always has good days. Plus, HCM Ian told me to make him and ultimate good person...
UE Mr. North
Mr. North is the ultimate incarnation of evil. Which is what his title would suggest, after all. But really, this is one genuinely denegrate person. He is the epitamy of being evil (or at least annoying)...
Thus the recognition
UE Egg Roll

Besides the ultimate good people and the ultimate evil people, there are other sources of evil that are know to the world. In particular, evil things. Some of them I cannot speak of because they are too evil, some because they are too trecherous, some because they might beat me up, and many because I don't have the time. So, for the moment, here's my abridged list of evil things:

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