Great Hunter

The great hunter is the archnemisis of SWMNBN. Of course, since this is a pro-SWMNBN sect, we naturally regard the great hunter as being evil in the extreme. Reportedly, the great hunter engages in all sorts of evil practices, such as accepting human sacrifice, accepting sacrifice of ducks, leaving little piles of doo-doo in the yard, etc. This is one plain, straight-out, undeniablly, unbelievablly, amazingly, vilely, grotesquely, obsequitously evil being. Bad!

According to the Elder Scroll, older then the younger scroll, SWMNBN will one day raise up a hero who will fight against the great hunter. The two will meet in a great battle, and the great hunter will smite the hero to death with many smitings. But then SWMNBN will finally come along and crush the great hunter with the quack of doom to end all quacks of doom. And then everyone will be happy. The end.

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Created on October 11, 2004 By Zoel For Weluvducsoha