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This page and the contents herein devoted solely, entirely, and unreservedly to THE PEOPLE WHO LIKE PIE. The views expressed within, are therefore neccisarily those of its founder, BC, and have nothing to do with the sentiments of much more reasonable people such as erm... HCM Zoel. Thank-you

There comes a time in every sect when it must be founded. Actually, that time comes pretty early in the life of any given sect. Nonetheless, the founding of the THE PEOPLE WHO LIKE PIE was effected by means of a series of letters from HCM BC to HCM Zoel via the medium of the internet. Here they are.

The Historic Pie Chronicals:

THE PEOPLE WHO LIKE PIE are, in truth, a number of rather eccentric and annyoing people. While it is impossible to prepair a full list, due to various technicalities, here we have is believed to be the most accurate record of who is A Person Who Likes Pie:

Finally, an abbreviated list of specific PI doctrines[actually ignoring most of them]:

  1. The Name of HWSNBNBHTBACII is Pioria, a city which actually is in Illinois
  2. THE PEOPLE WHO LIKE PIE are selling indulgences:
    For only $19.95, you can have three-months worth of your worst sins forgiven by Pioria.
  3. If when asked, you deny being a gnome, you are a gnome
    If you admit to being a gnome, it's only because you're trying to pretend not to be a gnome. Clearly, you are a gnome.
    If you say something which neither affirms nor denys your gnomeship, you are not a gnome, but you are a moron.
    The only way you can avoid being a gnome is to say nothing at the inquisition of being a gnome.
  4. All gnomes are personal servants and slaves of BC for the exacting of wrath upon non-PEOPLE WHO LIKE PIE
  5. Pioria can use the pie of doom, a giant pie about fifteen miles across, to destroy the infidels.
  6. Mallards are the best ducsoha!

Concerning the PIEist belief in the realm of eternal country music:
On the board, BC created a realm of eternal country music to condemn all ROckers to. Currently, nothing is known about it besides its name, although that itself says an aweful lot... Oh, and it was recognized by MOHC (the girl), so it actually exists, unlike other PIEist beliefs such as the pie of doom.

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