And there was much rejoicing

Logically, this train of events leads to Logan conquering the multiverse and thereby spreading an immeasurable amount of happiness throughout the cosmos


Logan screams impatiently at Andrew for being so slow at uploading Genius Wars.

Gah this is bigger than I thought

Logan becomes so deranged and irritated screaming his lungs out he does not notice as Andrew sighs and unveils a spork...

Next time I'm going with WAY smaller pic size >_< his peril.

Andrew Rules all!

thankfully it wasn't a butterknife

Andrew lunges towards Logan with the spork

Wherein the logical ontologies of the dynamic procession of metaphysical anomalies are represented in a hierarchy of...

Logan stops to compose a thesis on the metaphysics of transhumanism before responding to Andrew's attack...


Three weeks later, Logan steps out of the way, causing Andrew to trip and gouge his own eye out with the spork...

Brain rot is a serious condition and may increase with pointless wasting time on the internet

Metaphysics? Why are you bothering with that pointless brain rot??
Logan's brain begins to rot, but he doesn't recognize it until it's too late.

But why is there a penguin on the tellie?

Since his brain is already rotten, Logan decides it's okay to watch TV; since, as his mother told him, "TV will rot your brain"


After watching every single super-villain movie in existence, Logan finally figures out what they were all doing wrong.

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