ten-thousand simultaneous explosions form a beautiful symphony that soothes Logan to sleep each night

"The best kill is overkill"

Logan needs to read more TV Tropes apparently

Logan in his extreme overeagerness forgets the all important Conservation of Ninjutsu...

The pen is mightier than the mooks

Using a ballpoint pen Andrew crushes his myriad enemies into smoldering heaps.

It's really hard to draw stick-people sitting on chairs

Andrew accidentally clicks on the TV-Tropes link in an attempt to learn more about his newfound powers...

ninjitsu... giant swords.. talking swords... talking objects... companion cube... portal... evil computers... space odyssey 2001... talking monkeys. planet of the apes... GAAAAAAHH!

Andrew inevitably clicks on a link.

And another link...

And another link...

TimeCube Math Is Absolute Proof . You Are Retarded.

After surfing TV Tropes for over a month, Andrew inevitably finds himself on the TV Tropes page for... TIME CUBE!

those sticky little chunks of brain are especially hard to clean off the monitor

Causing his brain to explode

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